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Une maison à Strasbourg

Avenue de la Paix is, without any doubt, the most beautiful street in Strasbourg, with its magnificent view of the Cathedral. This Historical Apartment Building located on this avenue, designed by architects Brion & Berninger, was built in 1890. When you enter the apartment, its luminosity and high ceilings immediately give you a spacious and fresh feeling. As you walk through the apartment, the large windows and balconies along the façade allow the historic buildings across the street to serve as a magnificent background for the living space. The few spatial changes which have been made have not altered, but emphasized the character of this apartment, with an appropriate use of light and the color white. The intentions of the project designers and the owners was to create a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere in a late nineteenth century apartment. Interior Design: Mar-Ka Interior + Landscape Design | Photo Credits: Kadriye Saral